What Is The Difference Between Web Hosting And VPS?

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If you are looking to buy a new web hosting plan and confused about which type of hosting you should buy then this video is for you.
In this video I have explained what is Hosting in Hindi and what type of hosting you should buy.

Difference between Linux Hosting & Windows Hosting
Linux hosting is used for WordPress and applications that require a Linux-based server
Windows hosting is used for applications which require a Windows server example – .net

If My PC Runs Windows, do I have to use Windows Hosting?
~ No. The type of hosting you choose has nothing to do with the operating system your PC runs.

You’ll get to know about
~ Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting
~ Shared Hosting Vs VPS
~ Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated
~ Cloud Hosting Vs VPS

And I have also discussed the price that you’ll have to pay in India and along with that I have also provided you some good options for every type of hosting that I have covered.

You’ll find your answers to questions like
~ Hosting for beginners?
~ Hosting for WordPress?
~ Different web hosting prices in India
~ Which type of hosting is good for you

What is Hosting 0:33
Dedicated Hosting 1:13
VPS 1:42
Shared Hosting 2:28
Sponsor 3:33
Coupon code 3:58
Cloud Hosting 4:05
When to buy a hosting? 4:44
For shared hosting 4:50
Recommendations 5:21
For VPS 5:59
For Cloud Hosting 6:25
For Dedicated Servers 7:37

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